Ten Payment Processing Platforms for Spain

We've picked out platforms that make it easier for customers to pay and for entrepreneurs to manage their cash flow. Share your experience in the comments and let us know of any other services we may have missed.

1️⃣ Amazon Pay
This platform offers all the benefits of the Amazon ecosystem, including convenience for customers who already have an account. However, it can be pricey, starting from 2.9%.

2️⃣ Bizum
Almost all major banks' customers can use this platform. All they need to do is enter their phone number, which will receive a code to confirm the transaction. To activate the service, contact a manager at one of the association banks.

3️⃣ Paycomet
This Spanish service owned by Sabadell Bank provides a broad range of payment options, including Bizum, Apple Pay, and QR codes. You can use it for free for the first three months, with a monthly subscription fee starting at €19 plus rates per payment method.

4️⃣ Stripe
This American company has a presence in Spain and offers various solutions for businesses, including a smart-links service that takes just seconds for customers to pay. Fees start from as little as 1.2%.

5️⃣ Divilo
This Spanish startup turns a mobile phone into a POS terminal. They charge from 0.45% for the first six months.

6️⃣ Floa

This platform provides an on-site API or special modules that can be integrated into an online shop. It allows customers to make purchases with deferred payments and installments. Prices are available upon request.
7️⃣ Kevin
This platform offers solutions for both online businesses and POS terminals for shops, with easy integration. Prices are available upon request.

8️⃣ Square
This American company also operates in Spain, providing secure online payments and POS acceptance in conventional shops, with rates starting at 1.25%.

9️⃣ Shopify
This platform allows you to not only accept payments but also host a full-fledged online shop. Prices start at €27 per month, plus 1.7% for payments.

1️⃣0️⃣ PayRetailers
This platform serves as a gateway to accept payments from customers in Latin America.