Take off in the drone market: the first months of an AI-startup in Spain

Alyona Kovaleva
Impulse Media Contributor
Chinese companies are taking the wing
According to Drone Industry Insights, there were 199 investment deals involving drone manufacturing companies in 2021 worth $7 billion. Market analysts expect the global Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market to reach $30 billion by the end of 2022. Within ten years, it is expected to grow by an average of 25 %.
It includes all applications: children's toys, professional photography and TV sectors, aeronautics fans, drones and, of course, the military.
China accounts for more than 70 % of the global civilian drone market, with about 70,000 firms operating in the country that are in one way or another connected with the UAV industry. Not surprisingly, it is the Chinese DJI that owns up to 80 % of the world market. The company started back in 2006 selling drones for $6,000, and now it is her to thank for the affordable price of drones for the wider audience.
In the EU, the largest manufacturer is the French Parrot. The company was founded back in 1994, but since 2017 it has specialized exclusively in drones. She is ranked second largest in the world by UAV coach.
Skydio leads the way in the US. Founded by MIT alumni who worked on Google's drone project, it's already worth a billion dollars. But in the ranking, it still lets other manufacturers from different countries go.
Egor and Valeria, founders of Artial. Photo by Impulse.Media
"The segment of autonomous drones is becoming more and more in demand as the concept of "smart cities" develops," Valeria Maksimovich clarifies, "Thanks to them, many issues can be controlled in megacities, from traffic management to fight against crime."
Transport. Postal and courier activities. Delivery of commercial goods. Passenger traffic is expected to start in the future. For example, Volkswagen recently presented a prototype of an autonomous passenger drone.
Health and humanitarian purposes. Transportation of blood and defibrillators, mapping of habitats of disease vectors. During the pandemic, more than eighteen countries have deployed drones for delivery and transportation during the pandemic, according to UNICEF. With the help of a drone, rescuers delivered a life jacket to a boy drowning in the sea in Valencia.
Ecology and utility services. Filming fauna, forests monitoring for forest fires, observing animals, water supply and sewerage. In Spain, drones are monitoring sharks to prevent them from hitting the beaches.
Agriculture. Monitoring and analysis of plantations to determine the level of growth and health of crops. Drones help predict where the best harvest is more accurately.
Arts and entertainment. The profession of “drone artist” has appeared. For example, Reuben Wu, using drones to illuminate Stonehenge at night, found a completely new image of the well-known monument. With a film shot using a drone, you can take part in a special festival in New York.
Photograph of Reuben Wu, who uses drones for lightning for the nature photography. Source
Thanks to the Plazza Accelerator from EIT Urban Mobility, young entrepreneurs received a place in the coworking space.
Egor Folley, founder and CEO
In Artial, he is responsible for the general vector of development and the technical part. Graduated from MIREA (Russian Technological University). Started the PhD program in Nanobiotechnology at IBEC in Barcelona. He started his career in robotics and developed control systems for mobile robots, then worked as a tech-lead in departments for the development of ML/DL models and pipelines in the areas of computer vision, predictive analytics and embedded systems.