Case Study

"We've Made a Significant Impact Locally": How Migrants are Shaping the Beauty Industry in Spain

Alexandra Satovski
A young woman, aged 20-25, immigrated to Spain and is seeking employment in fields of interest. How can she quickly achieve a decent income without experience? Alexandra Satovski, a model, circus and theater artist, and founder of a hair treatment academy in Barcelona, suggests trying oneself in the beauty industry.
Alexandra with a hair treatment device at the molecular level

By education, I am a physiotherapist, but in Ukraine, I had the opportunity to work as a gymnast in various theater projects and taught yoga. I moved from Kyiv to Barcelona four years ago to study sports management at EU Business School. New business skills were needed for me to open my beauty studio. As a result, I found hair care to be the most promising direction in the beauty sphere.
Two reasons influenced my decision. In theaters, my hair was often damaged, and I had to restore it myself. In Barcelona, I worked in a clinic for several months. It was a tough job with a strict schedule. After the vibrant and cheerful theatrical life, it was difficult for me to adapt to such a routine. With private practice, I could work at a convenient time for myself.
For two years, I served clients myself and then began to teach others trichology (a branch of dermatology dealing with hair and scalp problems). As a result, I am now developing my educational brand, "Satowski Hair Academy."

Alexandra leaped from being a gymnast in Cirque du Soleil to organizing her educational courses.

My audience consists of young girls who haven't yet decided on a profession but want to earn money. Many are from the recent wave of immigration or are students who need to quickly master a profitable trade.
Beginner hairdressers or masters are also eager to participate. They want to delve deeper into trichology and increase their income. The average monthly income for a hairdresser in Barcelona is 2000 euros. If a master offers additional services like keratin straightening, molecular restoration, SPA treatments, etc., the figure increases by 1.5 times.
Hair care is a lucrative business here and now. I offer to learn the basics of trichology and gain practical experience in a two-day intensive course. Right after the courses, you can start seeing clients and achieve an average income of 2500 euros per month in a few months.

Income Calculation for Hair Care Specialist

The cost of one hair reconstruction procedure varies depending on hair length and takes 2-3 hours: 150-300€.
Average number of clients per week: 6-8.
Rent for a workspace - 400-900€ per month (depending on location and salon level).
Materials: purchase of materials for 5 months (1800-2000€).
Taxes (depending on the tax system).
Advertisement 100-200€.
Calculation (based on average indicators)
200 euros per client for 7 clients every 3 weeks = 4200€ before deducting expenses.

The course lasts two days, and students strictly study from 9 am to 6 pm each day.
During theoretical classes, we cover:
  • General anatomy and the interconnection of structures, systems, and organs.
  • Hair structure and composition.
  • Types of hair and their respective care needs.
  • Diagnosing hair problems.
  • Application of treatments and restoration methods: molecular reconstruction, keratin, botox.
  • Choosing cosmetic products for care and restoration.
  • Hair care after pregnancy, etc.
Students immediately apply their knowledge in practice. We invite models with different hair types, and participants try beauty procedures on them. Simultaneously, students create video content for the specialist's Instagram page. Upon completing the course, they have a ready portfolio and promotion skills.
All the theory I teach during the course remains with them in the methodological materials prepared by me. At the end of the second day, an exam is mandatory.
There are many prospects for the development of a hair care specialist. One can engage in private practice and grow in this direction: become a star in the industry, raise prices when in demand. Over time, one can open their salon, train other masters, engage in consulting, and sell cosmetic products.
The beauty industry is currently very promising for business in Spain and is actively growing. Four years ago, when I just moved, the level of service was below average. There was a shortage of good masters, and most of them came from Ukraine and Russia. After mass migration, immigrants have become a significant competition for locals. Now, clients are more demanding, and masters want to improve their qualifications.
My ambitions are to turn courses into a full-fledged beauty academy where various experienced masters will conduct classes. I have already held two seminars, several individual intensives, and will be glad to see you at the third event.