12 neobanks operating in Spain and beyond

At the end of the third quarter, neobanks have already reached nine million customers in Spain, and the growth continues. Fully digital, unburdened by branch networks, and experimenting with various financial services, they appear attractive. However, they have not yet gained enough trust from the population to store significant funds in them. Neobank accounts are mainly used as reserves, for convenience and quick payment processing. In our review, we present neobanks from around the world that operate in Spain.
Founded by the Dutch programmer of Iranian origin, Ali Nikman, this bank advocates for the values of freedom and ecology. The app incorporates gamification, allowing users to earn rewards for planting trees, including the chance to do so on a wheel of fortune with monetary prizes. There is also a community system with recommendations for visited places. It is one of the few banks that accept transfers from Russia. Basic functions are free, and users can have IBAN accounts from different countries or joint accounts.
Named "Best Bank in Europe" in 2023. One of the fastest-growing in Spain. Several tariff plans. Money can be split into different spaces, including sharing them with other users. Money can be withdrawn several times a month without a fee at any ATM and also use the Bizum service.
A bank that grew from a cryptocurrency wallet, so it focuses on helping manage different types of currencies in one place. Hot and cold cryptocurrency wallets are also present. Multicurrency IBAN, but still no Spanish one. The service's co-founder, Alina Kornienko, promises to add it soon. And the type of SEPA Instant transfers, which you won't find in every neobank, is already available.
A free system that is convenient because it operates with 50 currencies and allows for quick conversion, but charges fees for all actions, including sending money. Therefore, it is closer to a payment transfer system than a bank.
Founded in France but operates in some European countries. You can customize the design of your card at a higher rate. The most expensive rate makes you a patron of NGOs. Places where you can get a physical card are located throughout Spain.
One of the pioneers of Fintech, whose app has almost all the features. From shared accounts, storing cryptocurrencies, investments, and budget management. There is a special account for those under 18. Despite being founded by a Russian, it applies more rigorously to citizens of that country when opening and maintaining an account.

A Spanish neobank that also has a marketplace for various products such as mortgages, insurance, and even travel. It offers a basic set of functions for account management.


An online bank specializing in business. Tariffs are only for companies and autonomos and depend on the number of employees. Integrated apps for invoicing and accounting, as well as services from other companies providing services to entrepreneurs.


A financial app offering IBAN accounts from different countries that can be held jointly. You can get a personal loan and, with the help of Constructor Crediticio, improve your credit history for banks. The account "ties the knot" with PayPal.


A financial startup, not a bank, based in Monaco. It focuses on storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies. Prepaid cards, you can buy coupons at FNAC, Carrefour, etc. In the base tariff, you can hold a maximum of 2500 euros, in the most expensive, unlimited. A special tariff for young people aged 16-17.

Vivid Money

A multicurrency financial app integrated with cryptocurrencies. Free for those who use it monthly. If there is no activity, a fee is applied. In the paid tariff, there is cashback, including for cryptocurrencies.


The oldest bank in our selection, starting in Spain as a phone bank but also fully digital. Now part of the Santander group. It includes all the functions of traditional banking services, including loans, and features of modern digital apps. An additional option is the account for teenagers. Regularly awards a literary prize with a name.